How managed IT services improves employee productivity

How managed IT services improves employee productivity

For many businesses, IT is a constant source of stress. One minute computers and apps are working just as they should, but in the next they can completely halt workflows and hamper productivity. Unless you have the technical background and know how to fix these issues, you may end up making the problem much worse for you and your employees.

Managed IT services providers (MSPs) are built to maintain your company’s technology. Their services run the gamut from tech support and system administration to security and IT consulting.

Working with an MSP offers a host of benefits, many of which boost your company’s efficiency and productivity. Here are the top five productivity benefits businesses in Oklahoma, Kansas, and the rest of the United States can expect when they entrust IT to a high-quality MSP.

1. Proactive system maintenance

The primary role of an MSP is to make sure your company’s IT runs smoothly and efficiently at all times. Issues like unresponsive applications and slow internet bandwidth may seem like the norm for your organization, but they significantly hinder productivity if left unchecked. After all, employees won’t be able to deliver their work on time if they constantly have to wait for a website or program to load.

MSPs catch these issues early, monitoring your systems around the clock and promptly applying fixes so your team can work uninterrupted. What’s more, MSPs optimize your systems on a regular basis to prevent technical issues from occurring. This includes installing the latest software updates, upgrading your hardware, and managing your network to ensure fast and reliable internet service.

By proactively optimizing your systems, MSPs also reduce the number of support tickets your employees submit and reduce the amount of time it takes to resolve more critical problems.

2. Robust enterprise technology

Implementing cutting-edge technology can drastically improve your employees’ ability to execute their jobs. If your team is constantly bogged down by manual tasks, for instance, workflow automation tools can streamline processes and increase output.

Similarly, using cloud platforms like Microsoft 365 allows your team to access files and work from anywhere with an internet connection, boosting overall productivity levels. Even if you’re having problems with accounting or customer service processes, the right MSP can recommend best-in-class enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management solutions.

Outsourcing IT to an MSP gives you access to these enterprise-grade technologies, thereby allowing you to maximize productivity and level the playing field with larger organizations.

Summit Advisors, in particular, is partnered with several tech industry leaders to help you stay on top of your workload. Our partnership with Microsoft means we can set you up with web versions of popular productivity apps (e.g., Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) to enable seamless collaboration.

With Digium partnerships, we can implement a feature-rich internet-based phone system that allows your employees to stay connected no matter where they are. We also work with multinational technology company Lenovo so we can give you the best deals on computer hardware.

3. High-level IT consulting

The best MSPs not only offer the latest technology, but also serve as strategic consultants who assess your company’s objectives and conduct a thorough analysis of your processes and infrastructure. This allows them to identify bottlenecks and pain points that may be hindering your company’s efficiency.

For instance, your employees may be more disorganized because of the sudden transition to a permanent remote work environment. Consultants may recommend project management tools like Asana and business messaging platforms like Microsoft Teams to keep them on track.

Whatever the case may be, high-level MSPs are able to tailor a strategy to your company’s needs so that everyone is constantly at their peak performance.

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4. Risk mitigation and disaster recovery

Faulty hardware, cyberattacks, and natural disasters cause extended periods of downtime in which employees are unable to do their work. In extreme cases, these incidents lead to data loss, meaning employees will have to spend a considerable amount of time redoing the work they’ve lost. In fact, businesses can lose thousands of dollars per minute of downtime, not to mention intangible losses like reputational damage and employee burnout.

Luckily, MSPs can mitigate these risks and minimize the harm done to your bottom line. For starters, they implement cybersecurity solutions and services to reduce your company’s exposure to the latest malware, account hijacking attacks, and network intrusions. Some MSPs also offer security training services to help employees develop good security habits and avoid devastating phishing scams.

Another crucial MSP service is data backup and disaster recovery. MSPs routinely back up data in secure off-site servers to keep them safe from local disasters, and draft recovery procedures so that everyone knows how to quickly respond to a crisis. This way, there’s minimal interruption to your business operations if disasters do occur.

5. Freed up time and resources

MSPs essentially work like an extension of your business — for a monthly subscription fee, you can delegate IT management tasks to a team of professionals. This beats the far more expensive alternative, where you pay full-time salaries, benefits, and training for in-house technicians to oversee your IT.

More importantly, working with an MSP means your employees never have to worry about dealing with complex and tedious tech problems again. Instead, they can focus on more critical tasks that add value to your company like customer service, business strategy, and so much more.

The time you reclaim by offloading IT to an MSP dramatically boosts productivity, and by extension, your company’s profitability.

Summit Advisors is the MSP of choice if you never want to deal with IT headaches ever again. From proactive maintenance to cybersecurity, we offer businesses throughout Kansas and Oklahoma the IT support they need to bolster productivity and stay ahead of the curve. When you partner with us, our team of experienced and friendly consultants and technicians will take the time to understand how your systems tick and formulate solutions that work for you. Give us a call today to boost your company’s performance!

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