Cybersecurity Solutions & Services

Protect your systems from malware, prevent scams from hurting your business,
and ensure compliance with strict regulations

Summit Advisors Keeps Your Network, Data, Staff, and Reputation Safe

A malware attack or online scam can mean lost revenue, steep fines, reduced consumer confidence, and even the end of your business entirely. Unfortunately, cyberattacks are constantly on the rise and SMBs, who cannot mount effective defenses due to lack of resources or knowledge, are the prime target. Over half of all cyberattack victims are SMBs, and the majority of those businesses are forced to shut down within one year of the breach.

You can avoid this devastating outcome with expert Cybersecurity Services from Summit Advisors. Not only will we protect your networks and endpoints from cyberthreats old and new, but we’ll also do it for an SMB-friendly, predictable price. You’ll get top-of-the-line cybersecurity tools and training without breaking the bank so you can rest easy knowing your IT and your bottom line are in good hands. Summit Advisors also offers physical security for your premises including access control and surveillance systems.

With Summit Advisors’s Cybersecurity Services, you’ll get:
  • Protection from viruses, worms, botnets, trojans, ransomware, and more
  • 24/7 monitoring of your networks to detect and halt intrusion attempts
  • Email filtering and secure encryption to protect communications
  • Vulnerability assessments and intrusion testing to give you a clear picture of your network’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Access to physical, workplace security measures at the best prices


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