Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

Expert configuration, installation, and maintenance to optimize and future-proof your Wi-Fi performance

You’ll Always Have The Connectivity, Security, Visibility, and Bandwidth You Need

Wi-Fi is an increasingly important investment for businesses today. On-site customers expect secure Wi-Fi and high performance, and employees need reliable access from anywhere in the office to work and collaborate face to face. Without an optimized Wi-Fi network, productivity and teamwork will suffer and your risk of being hacked skyrockets. Managing your wireless network on your own is complicated and time-consuming, and Summit Advisors offers a better way.

Whether you need a small upgrade or a complete overhaul, Summit Advisors will deliver the wireless network that satisfies clients, drives productivity, and keeps hackers at bay. Depending on your needs and goals, we can replace outdated hardware, reconfigure routers, or engineer and install the optimal network to increase overall productivity and efficiency. And with our swift installation and maintenance, you’ll immediately and always enjoy improved network performance and connectivity while saving resources

Partnering with Summit Advisors means you’ll enjoy:
  • Scalable solutions so you can always meet demand and grow sustainably
  • Prompt, reliable support for any issue, from connecting devices to troubleshooting to capacity planning
  • Expertly configured firewalls and strict user access controls that keep your network safe
  • Greater network visibility with reporting and analytics for optimized management and administration
  • Detailed roadmaps to ensure success using comprehensive assessments, strategic access point placement, and more


Managed Wi-Fi is the practice of outsourcing your Wi-Fi network to a third-party service provider, from design and procurement to installation and maintenance. The service ensures fast, reliable, and consistent internet connection at every corner of a business location. The professional design and ongoing maintenance also take the burden off the shoulders of internal IT teams and minimize the risk of emerging cyberthreats.

In addition to the end-to-end network design skills and experience, your Wi-Fi expert should perform thorough assessment of your infrastructure with the best tools available to accurately identify the weak links in your wireless network.

Summit Advisors delivers an optimized, secure Wi-Fi network at a price that doesn’t break your budget. In addition to our knowledge and experiences, Summit Advisors has invested in top-of-the-line diagnostic tools not found at other MSPs in the region. The combination gives us an all-round, yet in-depth view over the performance and vulnerabilities of your Wi-Fi setup. It also helps us configure your network properly, guaranteeing optimal performance at all times.

Whether you need us to solve a few bottlenecks or provide a complete overhaul of your existing network infrastructure, we’ll take the time to understand your current challenges and provide tailored solutions to ensure you have fast, consistent, and reliable internet access at every corner of your premise.

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