Cloud Services

Increase security, improve collaboration, and gain a competitive edge

Summit Advisors Helps You Take Full Advantage of the Cloud

In the modern business landscape there are two kinds of companies: those computing in the cloud, and those that are falling behind. The cloud offers benefits to every aspect of your business technology, but designing the best setup for your business, implementing it effectively, and managing it efficiently is a daunting task even for the tech-savvy business person. When you partner with Summit Advisors, we’ll make sure you’re covered on all three fronts.

Our cloud specialists excel at assisting business migrating to the cloud, as well as keeping cloud setups of all kinds in peak condition. We have experience with public, private, and hybrid cloud setups and will help you find the right one for your business. Our team will walk you through options for productivity apps, secure data backups, and many more cloud-powered features. Once in the cloud, you’ll enjoy the many security, productivity, and agility advantages it provides to their fullest with guidance from Summit Advisors.

The benefits of Summit Advisors’s Cloud Services include:
  • Anytime, anywhere access to apps and data for easy remote work
  • Easily scalable computing resources; add or remove users with ease
  • Greater productivity with collaboration software only available in the cloud
  • Reduced operating costs; eliminate the need for expensive servers and workstations
  • Better security from data and apps being stored in fortified data centers
  • Secure data backup and recovery systems to protect your business from any disaster

Business IT Consulting

Project management and IT strategy planning to align your technology with your business goals.

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Top-of-the-line IT security tools and threat monitoring services to protect your network and ensure compliance.

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Internet-powered communication solutions to cost-effectively improve employee collaboration and CRM.

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