VoIP Phone System

Reduce operating costs, increase collaboration, and improve customer experience

Summit Advisors Helps You Connect and Communicate Better

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is fast becoming the standard for business communications. Instead of expensive, basic phone lines that offer poor call quality, VoIP offers crystal clear voice communication powered by your existing internet connection. Because of this built-in internet capability, VoIP also has a wealth of features and add-ons that enhance several aspects of your business, such as multi-user video conferencing, automatic call logging and archiving, cross-device call forwarding, and much, much more.

Summit Advisors partners with the leading VoIP providers in the nation to give you access to feature-rich products and services at the best prices. Our consultants will also help you determine the best VoIP system for your business, seamlessly implement it into your systems, and help you manage it moving forward. You’ll enjoy better communication and collaboration amongst your workforce and your customers will enjoy a much better experience when they contact you.

VoIP from Summit Advisors is packed with useful features, including:
  • Built-in integration with Outlook, Chrome, Salesforce, and more
  • Easy analytics and data-gathering tools
  • Platform-agnostic, web-based interface; use PC, Mac, Android, iOS, or any combination
  • Advanced PBX capabilities including call forwarding, transfer, monitor, record, and multi-call
  • Virtual call centers that allow for call queues, interactive voice response, customizable switchboards, and more

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