VoIP Qualities Your Small Business Can’t Live Without

VoIP Qualities Your Small Business Can’t Live Without

Israeli-born entrepreneur, Alan Cohen, had modest aims when he invented the audio technology that would evolve into Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP. Cohen would eventually be recognized as the man responsible for modernizing business communications and making long-distance calls cheap - all thanks to a piece of technology he created in the ’80s.

Fast forward to modern-day Wichita where astonishingly, there are still businesses that don’t maximize VoIP’s potential. Given the current circumstances, everyone has questions regarding Wichita's reopening of businesses, the city's new policies, and restrictions during the pandemic. Because of Cohen’s pioneering technology, businesses can take advantage of feature-rich VoIP solutions to stay informed, maintain communications, and keep costs down.

VoIP is multifunctional

Regular landline, email, and fax are still widely used in offices, and it’s inconceivable for many businesses not to use them in their day-to-day operations. But to stay connected in the digital age, you need to be able to do more than call, email, or fax.

Features like multi-user video conferencing, teleconferencing, and instant messaging let your office communicate with colleagues from different locations and time zones. And as more companies adopt a remote work setup, video conferencing platforms Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet prove invaluable. Additionally, staff working from home can set their status as available, busy, or offline.

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Many organizations also benefit from VoIP functions that enable them to automate call processes and gather communications data. These are possible with features like call recording, automatic call logging, voice messaging, and custom interactive voice response (IVR) menus. Automated assistance capabilities are especially useful in answering simple questions such as your company’s business hours and physical location. This keeps call traffic at a minimum and reserves more urgent and complex calls for human phone operators.

VoIP systems are portable

With VoIP, you are not tethered to a single piece of equipment such as a telephone or fax machine. VoIP lets you make calls or send messages through any internet-connected device.

VoIP’s number portability is also a huge advantage for businesses. Before, VoIP numbers were tied to a single city or state, or otherwise tied to a provider. Now, if you change your VoIP service provider in Wichita, for instance, you can keep your phone number and avoid the hassle of changing numbers when you switch vendors or relocate to a new state.

VoIP is more secure

Full disclosure: there are security risks involved in using either VoIP phones or regular phones. Snooping on landline calls can be done using cheap bugging devices provided they have physical access to the wires. On the other hand, hackers can listen in on VoIP calls madeover the internet. And because VoIP calls are digital, hackers can intercept the packets of digital data for later use.

With that said, a tightly configured VoIP system and a vigilant staff can fend off hacking attempts. Moreover, there are loads of security tools including end-to-end encryption and password best practices that can hack-proof your VoIP phone systems.

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VoIP reduces phone bills

At a time when keeping costs down is the norm, big telephone bills are a bane. VoIP technology cuts costs in multiple ways.

  • Streamlined business phone bill – VoIP systems can be paid on a monthly, per-user payment model. You also don’t need to pay multiple service providers for office and mobile communications and data services.
  • Cheaper international calls – VoIP reduces the typically astronomical international call charges of landline service providers. Making long-distance calls via VoIP relies on a stable internet connection and isn’t charged based on caller distance.
  • No need for additional hardware – Landlines require the installation of hardware that comes with maintenance costs. VoIP systems do not require additional infrastructure; VoIP providers may install phones or configure your existing phones. Plug them into the internet and they’re ready to use.

All of these features can be integrated into a unified communications system that allows you to optimize your resources, enhance customer experience, boost workers’ productivity and morale, and reduce costs.

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