Useful Tips to Streamline Your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Products

Useful Tips to Streamline Your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Products

Every company, big or small, needs Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools to function. Now that remote working is the norm, it’s become critical for your staff to have convenient access to cloud-powered productivity tools. These tools include communications, remote team management, sales management, project management, marketing, and more.

What is Software-as-a-Service?

SaaS is a cloud computing model in which applications are provided to organizations by a third party like Google and Salesforce. Everyone, from the managing director to HR managers to interns, uses some form of SaaS when doing their respective tasks.

Using SaaS platforms eliminates the need to acquire hardware required to run individual software and apps. There’s also no need to hire people who will manage things like software updates and patches for single apps.

For many small- or medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the cost benefits of acquiring SaaS tools are incomparable. Most SaaS products are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis that can easily be scaled up or down, lowering operating costs. But like many other technological resources, some SaaS tools may not be utilized optimally. Here are a few tips to streamline your SaaS investments.

Identify your business’s problem areas

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on tools you think you need — prioritize purchasing those that you urgently need in the first place.

If your customer database is badly in need of organizing, you should consider acquiring customer relationship management (CRM) software. This cloud tool can help you streamline customer communications and strengthen relationships with clients.

The key is to identify critical problem areas, pick the specific product features you need to solve them, and allot time to test your software. So if you’re testing a new CRM platform, check its data accuracy and quality, functionality, and usability.

Establish a strong technology strategy

With a reliable IT partner, you can identify your business's critical problem areas and address them to aid your growth.


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Involve your team in the decision-making process

Is your team currently having issues with a SaaS platform that they’ve been using for months or perhaps years? Are they aware of and maximizing all of its features? These are some of the questions you need to ask before you buy, renew, or replace a SaaS platform.

For instance, if you’re thinking about replacing an existing email marketing tool, it might help to look into the preferences and capabilities of your staff. An email marketing platform is easy enough to adopt. However, if you’re considering purchasing more complex platforms that require substantial data and process integration, you need to consider the input of those who will use it.

Also, assign someone to manage the platform and address issues that may arise. This person could also act as the point of contact in reaching out to vendors. That person would most likely be your internal IT personnel or outsourced managed IT services provider (MSP).

Make judicious purchasing decisions

One way to save thousands of dollars on software is to search for good deals. Look for discounts, one-time offers, and bundles found on deals websites that give promotions on a variety of products.

Even if you’re looking to renew your existing platforms or partnerships, take the time to consider alternatives instead of automatically renewing a service. There may be vendors that sell products with better features or at a cheaper price.

You can save on product bundles, too. If you’re looking to buy or replace your paid keyword research software, for example, it may be financially prudent to buy an all-in-one SEO and online marketing software tool that comes with a free trial and at a lower price.

With the right tools at your disposal, you’d be better equipped to carry out business operations even in the face of challenges. Summit Advisors LLC’s IT consultants can help you take full advantage of the cloud and help you find the right one for your business in Wichita. Contact us today at 316-247-3150 or leave us a message.

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